Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Week 31 - class version

A month or so ago I got the schedule for classes for Beadfest. I didn't think I was going to get to go (still not, sigh), so I went through the classes, trying to see if I could figure out some of the designs (aka, self-education). I saw a bracelet that I thought was rather attractive, so I tried it. It came out ok, but I played with it a bit more and like mine even more, lololol! I did the gold first; notice the size difference? The gold was done with half hard wire, the silver dead soft. I could NOT get the gold any smaller because of how hard it got the more I worked it. I rather like it, its bold and yet danty! This week I'm working on size changes, etc. from my show last week so there is no time for new work; I did the silver the week before last as a gift for the hostess .

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Week 30 - magazine bangle

I saw this on the recent wire magazine cover, I had to try it. My first version had a large bead as the focal, I didn't like it. I changed it to this Tai silver piece, I think it is more the right size, but it was the dull silver, so I tumbled it. I wore this one day to work, its actually pretty confortable! 14 gauge wire for main portion of the bracelet.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Week 29 - Wireworked watches

I'm going to be away most of next week so I'm working ahead.

These two watches were done at the same time. I started with a face and found that 18 gauge wire would fit through the hole in the watch face (woohoo!). With the marcasite face I added a couple of marcasite sterling pieces, the other has a little western feel so I used textured sterling beads and then split the wires to create side designs, then brought the wires back together and added arge hole beads. I used boxed clasps on both, allowing for some flexibility for sizing. I wore one to work just see how durable, it felt good but not cumbersome on. I'll do more of these!

week 28 - Playing around

I had the idea for this a bit ago (it woke me up in the middle of night!). Its a simple design but I rather like it! I did another one in a mix of metals (its somewhere in my stuff but I can't find it at the moment). I wrapped square wire around my ring mandrel, then cut the pieces in half, curled the ends and added jump rings to attach the pieces. When wearing it the pieces flip back and forth, which annoyed me at first, but then I realized it gave it a more freeform feel. I made this fairly short, because the design is rather petite.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Week 27 - Herkimer Diamonds

Our property in the mountains is about 20 minutes from the Herkimer Diamond Mines, so I took a trip one day on my vacation. Oh my, I won't be able to go there very often, lol!!! I couldn't resist. They had a lot of rough, and I thought about actually going digging, I'll do that another time, but this time I bought six gorgeous cut pieces. I've done something with three so far, I'm pleased with two, one, not so much. It may get redone.

Week 26 - Patterned wire bracelets

Before I went on vacation I ordered some patterned wire from Rio. A friend of mine had done some pieces with it, I was itching to try. I don't have a jeweler's saw (on the list!), so she was kind enough to come over and show me how to cut. While on vacation I did a few pieces using the two different patterns I got. This is fun stuff, I want to do more! Two bracelets, one cuff.