Thursday, January 17, 2008

A piece for Tucson

I didn't join the year of jewelry program this session because I needed to evaluate where I'm going with my business, needed to get my inventory and website straightened out, and frankly needed a break. So what have I been doing the last few nights when I'm supposed to do doing the inventory? Working on a piece to wear in Tucson, lol!! I am mailing my tools and such down on Tuesday, so I needed to get this done. This is a pretty crappy picture unfortunately, I was having 'issues' (user errors) with the camera. I thought I was losing my mind, the pieces above the brown are light blue - until I put it around my neck or took a picture. Take it off the bust or my neck, its light blue. What I think I did was grab some tanzanite that looks different depending on the light! I may pop them out and put in the blue I intended to put in there, or I may not, haven't decided.