Friday, December 28, 2007

Week 52 - End of Year

This is it! I made it. Phew, it was a long year. I was late a few times but made something every week, some weeks more than one, some weeks nothing exciting. I am going to take a break from the program for awhile, take the extra time to get my inventory sorted and update the website, etc., and generally give myself a 'break'.

This last piece is something that's been in my head for a bit. We're dressing for new years so I decided now is the time; its far from perfect, having a design on paper and measuring would be in the plan for the next time I try something like this, lololol!! 20 gauge soft sterling (my first issue, should have been 1/2 hard, I really had to work it to harden), the 1/2 round was ALSO soft (waaayyy to0 soft), and I think a smaller gauge of each would be better. Vintage swarovski crystals in various shapes and sizes and colors. I wasn't unhappy with the final results!

Happy New Years to everybody!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Week 51 - Caught up, woohoo!!! Another gift

This is a special gift. My nephew just returned from 15 months in Iraq. His wife is also in the military going to medical school, stationed in Hawaii. While he was in Iraq, we purchased land in the Adirondack mountains. He was jealous, and asked us to find another piece for he and his wife! We did that, we found a piece a mile from ours. 20 minutes away is the Herkimer Diamond Mines. This is the one and only thing the two of them own, as they will be moving around in the military, but they will always have 'a place' in the mountains. The stone in this piece is an exquisite Herkimer Diamond I purchased earlier this year. I thought a most fitting gift for her would be a little piece of the earth, close to where their property is, as she may never actually 'see' the property itself!!

week 50 - Another swarovski

Another gift, this is another one of the large swarovskis I bought in Rhode Island. The colors are amazing, this is one of those that changes depending on the light

Monday, December 17, 2007

week 49 - catching up

I'm still behind but this one I could show (some of the other work I've done the last couple of weeks were gifts!). This is one last order from a show a few weeks ago. When I went to Rhode Island the first week of December for a show I went to Myrows again and bought a kabazilion swarovskis. This time I got mostly unfoiled because I still have quite a collection of foiled ones from this summer, this happens to be one that is foiled. This is a large piece, olivine in color, loved the shape; the purchaser wanted it wrapped very simply, can't get much simpler than this.. I will get pictures of the swars some time in the next couple of weeks if anybody is interested!!