Saturday, March 25, 2006

week 27 - Watches

This week's focus on preparing for my open house was on watches. I sell them fairly well, so I
like to have quite a variety. This selection includes double drilled stones and swarovski crystals. I spent one evening working on a wire bracelet, and was quite pleased with my results! I was walking around patting myself on the back until lunch time the next day... when someone posted about ANOTHER wire watch that someone had done... and didn't allow for battery changing... as that was said I look down at my lovely new watch and realized, I DID THE SAME THING, ACH!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Week 26 - Sterling silver earrings

This week's concentration was on sterling silver earrings. Some will look familiar, I used similar designs for some from last week's gold earrings for silver. This week I added in some simple chainmaille earrings, 'shaggy loops' and 'flowers'.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Week 25 - Gold filled earrings

I've scheduled my spring open house for april 29th, so everything I do between now and then is geared towards filling in my inventory. This week I worked on gold filled earrings. These are a few examples of what I created using 18 and 20 gauge wire with stones and swarovski crystals. Simple, wearable, everyday earrings. First picture from left to right vasuvinite, kyanite, swarovskis, second picture amethyst, citrine, swarovskis. for the smaller hoops I used 20 gauge wire, and formed it around a fat pen, for the larger hoops I used 18 gauge wire, forming it around my hammer head. I used a variety of items to finish the hoops, in some I use chain, some jump rings. For the citrine set I wirewrapped the 18 gauge with 26 gauage. I love the look but it takes forever!! I try to vary the designs so they aren't all the same.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Week 24 - Atlantis sunrise

This week I wanted to try a wrapped pendant. The frame is 16 gauge sterling silver, the focal bead is a chunk of amazonite. The rest of the beads are swarovskis; I should have added some other natural stones. The wirewrapping was done with 26 gauge ss wire, the challenge was to use one continuous piece of wire for the wrapping. It was kind of fun, I'll do this again! Top is the back, bottom is the front. I need to see some other examples to understand how the filling is is really done, lol!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Week 23 - Paradise

When I think of paradize, I think of the ocean, beautiful blues, etc. This week's theme made me think of this lovely polymer clay piece an artist friend of mine (Nina Owens) created last year. I decided to play with it for this week's piece. I was attempting to give her 'hair' and earrings with the wireworked pieces, it didn't quite come out has I envisioned, but she still makes me smile!