Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Super chick bracelet

Sue Ripsch is the teacher who taught the celtic bracelet class at Jewelry Art Expo that I posted a few weeks ago. She also taught the class for this bracelet. I didn't take the class but it looked fun so I bought the kit (I can see others in my future!). This was fairly easy to do, once you 'got' it. 18 gauge ss in two sizes, once you made the 'flower' you added a swarovski crystal to the center. Fun stuff!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ice breaker bling

All I could think of for this week's theme was diamonds; short of that, there are swarovski crystals, so my piece this week has a tad bit of bling. I used three strands of 26 gauge fine sterling silver wire as my base, braiding in varying sizes of crystals. Wedding anyone?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Week 33 - In Celebration of Life

The theme this week (yes, I'm back on theme!! woohoo!!) is "In Celebration of Life". This could be interpretted many way, but I chose to go in the direction of nature. I created the frame from 16 gauge sterling silver wire, then added the 'bones' of the tree from 20 gauge, and stems from 26 gauge. I took the first picture because in the past when I 'added' to this sort of design I've killed it. In this case I'm actually pleased with the results; I added little peridot chips for leaves, just a touch of color. This is fairly large, 2" x 3", I would probably wear it on a neckwire.