Friday, December 28, 2007

Week 52 - End of Year

This is it! I made it. Phew, it was a long year. I was late a few times but made something every week, some weeks more than one, some weeks nothing exciting. I am going to take a break from the program for awhile, take the extra time to get my inventory sorted and update the website, etc., and generally give myself a 'break'.

This last piece is something that's been in my head for a bit. We're dressing for new years so I decided now is the time; its far from perfect, having a design on paper and measuring would be in the plan for the next time I try something like this, lololol!! 20 gauge soft sterling (my first issue, should have been 1/2 hard, I really had to work it to harden), the 1/2 round was ALSO soft (waaayyy to0 soft), and I think a smaller gauge of each would be better. Vintage swarovski crystals in various shapes and sizes and colors. I wasn't unhappy with the final results!

Happy New Years to everybody!!!


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