Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 38 - An experiment, failure and recovery

My time for playing right now is minimal so when I experimented on a ring and it failed, I was unhappy! I created this double prong set ring, thinking it would be a good thing; I didn't mess with the design too much, I was more experimenting with the setting, wrapping, etc. I got it done and wasn't unhappy with the results. I put it on and said OUCH! What the heck? Took it back off and released the crystal I had chosen to set had a deep point that was stabbing me when worn. Bummed, I took a picture but didn't get to post it. This morning I said oops, time to get posted! And said hey, what if... I popped out the prongs and searched through my stash, finding this flat back stone that fit the setting, yeehaw! I need to tumble it for awhile to see if it tightens up more, but the lesson learned on this one is if you aren't happy with the results of something, consider changing it :)


Blogger Patti G. said...

These look gorgeous Nancy! I love the double prong!!!!!!!

4:50 AM  

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