Friday, August 10, 2007

Week 32 - a few more rings

One last set of pieces I had done prior to going away, I'm finally done with all my changes for the show I did (woohoo!), so now I can play with some new stuff.

The top left ring was a tutorial I bought; I did a couple of these but quite frankly don't care for the look. The other four are something I came up with. I had intended to try to do a tutorial for the contest last month, never happened! These are fairly simple, and very comfortable to wear. The top right one is very generic, I think it would be just as appropriate for a man as a woman; the other three are more girlie. Some day I might do a simple tutorial!!


Blogger Patti G. said...

These are gggggggreat Nancy! I wish I could see you making them! I am sure YOU think they are easy! Ahem!!!!! most of us would not! I think the "bird nest" looking one is neat! And the others...I can see boys and girls liking! Yup!!

4:47 PM  

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