Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Week 33 - Wrapped coins

Ok, so I had delusions I would get to do something new this week but it just didn't happen; I did do one of these coins last night to show someone how to do it, so I decided that 'counts'.

When my girlfriends and I get together in Rhode Island every year we make giftees for each other. This year my giftee was their particular state's coin wrapped as a pendant (I lucked out, everybody lives in a state that already has these, phew!!!). This is remy's wrap in at its best! Simple, but personal and easy to do! I think I've done 20 of these so far, I will definitely be adding it into my inventory for selling, everyone loves it :) You'll notice the one is upside down - the coin is in the frame such that it can be turned and either side can be the front.

The pictures are just awful, I kept getting reflections from the coin!


Blogger Patti G. said...

Nancy, these are FABULOUS and I ADORE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:46 AM  

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