Sunday, April 23, 2006

Week 31 - The final week

One week until my open house! This past week's focus was on pricing and some ankle bracelets.

This weekend I went to Jewelry Art Expo and took two different chainmaille classes. Thoroughly enjoyed them! This is the first of the two results, I'm saving the second for next week because there will be no time to make anything. This one is called "Turkish Round'. Its a bold bracelet; I chose the 18 gauge ss rings, we had a choice of 18 or 16, the 16 was just so large, I couldn't see me wearing it! This is very wearable, I'll enjoy it.


Blogger Silver Parrot said...

Oh, Nancy. I'm just so depressed now. Not only is your stuff gorgeous, but you actually have TIME to turn stuff out. I've been so busy lately and have had no time to work at all. All my poor little beads are just crying out and I keep having to walk by the bead room and ignore them :-( Beautiful work as always, tho!

2:18 PM  

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