Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ooolala - week 19

Week 19's theme is 'Something French'. When I heard this, I thought of oolala, something sexy, etc. I did some research and found French designs were so much more, but I had this in my head so that's the way I went. This piece is made with an 18 gauge gold filled wire base, bent into a 'v' shape and little dips on the side for adding the 'flowers'. Purchased chain completes the neck. I created the 'flowers' from 26 gauge gold filled wire with ruby colored swarovski crystals in various shapes; I see I should have reshaped the smaller ones, they've rather lost their petal shapes, but you get the idea. I hung a multistrand gold filled connector below the large flower to hang additional pieces from, and then added another piece of purchased chain to complete the sexy look (in my eyes anyway), with the addition of ruby swars hanging from the chain. I wasn't unhappy with this based on the theme, not sure how wearable it is!



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