Sunday, January 15, 2006

'Leaves' - week 17

This week's theme was one that called to me, I said cooel, I've been wanting to try to create a frame to fill in, similar to a goddess pin I had made last year. I took a rubber stamped image and used it to create a frame dead soft 20 gauge wire, then created the veins from 24 gauge wire. I was pleased with how that part came out (picture 1). That's where it started to go downhill; my first plan was to fill the frame with semi-precious stones. I got it partially filled in and hated it (picture 2). So I took the stones back out. When I had done the goddess it was filled in with seed beads, I didn't really want to do that but i couldn't think of what else to do. So, I started filling it in with two colors of green, a solid darker for the interior, a metallic exterior. I had such high hopes... you know how you go through your design process and envision how something is going to come out? This ain't it, sigh... but I spent so damned much time on it its this week's piece, a 'learning' experience.... I had intended to hang this on a neckwire that I was going to make and add additional pieces to it, but its gotten all the time its going to get. Fortunately when I started to do the seedbeads I knew I wasn't going to have enough 26 gauge sterling silver so I used some base metal gold wire - I didn't waste anymore sterling!


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