Sunday, January 14, 2007

Week 2 - Kitchen Soup

For the last two weeks I've been sorting, reorganizing, tossing, etc. I ended up with a bag of Czech glass beads that I just could NOT make myself sort. The options? Toss 'em (couldn't do it). Ignore them (I'm trying to clean up!) or do something with them. I decided to do something with them. I strung and strung and strung and strung, until I figured I had enough strung and then strung some more; enough for 7 17 inch strands (that's alot of beads!). This was the result. Butt ugly? Could be... and yet? I've made several 'kitchen soup' (as I call them) pieces in the past - badge holders, eye glass holders, etc., and they've always sold! So, this week's piece is my 'clean up'. Only wiring was putting together all the strands and stuffing them through an end piece. It'll have to do for this week... I also did a matching bracelet :) The earrings I attempted were too ugly for words... I did some damage to the 'bag', but there are still some left!


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